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Sarah Jadin, MS, RD, CSP, CNSC



About Sarah Jadin

Hello! I am a registered dietitian with many years experience providing ketogenic diet therapy for both adults and children. I have always understood the power that nutrition has on overall health and well-being, which is why I became a dietitian--I am able to help people achieve better health with food.  When I worked as a hospital ketogenic dietitian I witnessed the amazing effects the diet has for people and their families. They were able to regain their health and live their lives more fully. Their feelings of hopelessness were replaced with hope. Being overwhelmed was replaced with confidence.  "Powerless" was replaced with "powerful."


Knowing the ketogenic diet could help so many people I have made it my sole focus. I partner with people all over the country and world to help them achieve their health transformations. I am passionate about helping people use nutrition to reach their desired health outcomes. The mantra “let thy food be thy medicine” could not be more true when it comes to ketogenic diet therapy.

I received my Master’s degree in Nutritional Sciences from University of Wisconsin-Madison. I have advanced practice credentials in both pediatrics and critical care/nutrition support, demonstrating my nutrition knowledge, skills and ability to provide quality, science- and evidence-based nutrition care.

Would you like to discuss how the ketogenic diet can help you?