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Sarah Jadin, MS, RD, CSP, CNSC


Achieve Your Goals

Navigating the path to your nutrition goals can be daunting. Partner with me to help reduce the confusion. Together we will craft a plan to help you meet your unique needs.

Work With Me

The ketogenic diet is a complex nutrition undertaking that requires commitment and knowledge. It is most successful when done with the support and oversight of an expert.  

Take Control of Your Health!


Best for those new to the ketogenic diet.


  • Full nutrition assessment

  • Personalized information on your nutrition needs

  • Two comprehensive education sessions

  • Scheduled weekly check-ins

  • Email support between check-ins

Minimum 1 month duration. Prices start at $900.

Personalized meal plans can be added for an additional charge.

A la Carte Services

  • Q & A session

    • troubleshooting

    • lack of progress

    • assessment of proficiency doing diet independently

    • interpretation of blood work

  • Maintenance support/oversight

  • Etc.​

  • Prices start at $90